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The Medicine Carbon Footprint Formulary gives standardised per dose carbon
footprint ratings for thousands of medicines. Watch the Quick Start video to learn more.

About MCF Formulary and MCF Classifier


The Medicine Carbon Footprint (MCF) Formulary, developed by YewMaker, is a free, innovative, educational tool designed for healthcare professionals, suppliers, researchers, and policymakers.

MCF Formulary is designed to provide an accessible, user-friendly interface to explore the per dose carbon footprints of thousands of medicines, categorised into one of four MCF Ratings - LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, and VERY HIGH.

MCF Formulary is a key component of the broader MCF Classifier suite of applications to measure, classify, benchmark, and visualise carbon emissions of medicines.

Creators and Contributors

MCF Classifier and Formulary were co-created by physician-scientist Nazneen Rahman and data scientist Haroon Taylor, from YewMaker, supported by diverse contributors, collaborators, advisors, and funders. In particular, the Sustainable Medicines Partnership collaborators have provided vital insights, inspiration, and feedback.

MCF Formulary development was supported by funding from SBRI Healthcare Programme, an Accelerated Access Collaborative initiative, championed by the Health Innovation Network. YewMaker funds the maintenance and ongoing development of MCF Formulary.

The Mission

At YewMaker we are dedicated to creating science-based solutions to make healthcare more sustainable: better for people, planet, and prosperity. The inception of MCF Classifier was recognition that healthcare contributes around 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with medicines making a large contribution.

The lack of practical, standardised, product-level medicine carbon footprint data has limited our understanding, prioritisation, and action on medicine carbon emissions. We created MCF Classifier to change this.

MCF Classifier leverages industry-standard metrics, algorithms, and data science, to deliver a practical software suite to catalyse awareness, research, action, and impact.

MCF Formulary is our free, educational online platform that enables people to start exploring medicine carbon footprint ratings for thousands of medicines.

Get Started and Learn More

We invite you to explore MCF Formulary - our Quick Start Video will tell you all you need to know to get started.

For more information on our methodology, research, applications, and future work please see the FAQ page, read the Paper, and watch the Webinar.

For more information on the Sustainable Medicines Partnership and YewMaker’s work in sustainable healthcare please visit our website.

Access Medicine Carbon Footprint Data

We welcome inquiries about accessing our data and suite of applications. Please submit our Contact Form or email .

We are particularly interested in:

  • Scope 3 emissions measurement: Medicines make a significant contribution to the Scope 3 emissions of many organisations in the health sector. MCF Classifier’s standardised product-level information provides granular data to better inform supplier engagements and mitigation strategies.
  • Integration of carbon emissions impact and antibiotic stewardship: Our research has uncovered the substantial carbon emissions related to antibiotic use, and offers a practical, data-driven approach to align global healthcare priorities on carbon reduction and antibiotic reduction.

Please note: We do not supply data for individual therapeutic decision-making. This is not an appropriate use of MCF Classifier data.

Contact Us

Please submit our Contact Form with your feedback, requests, and ideas. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

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